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Wyruz is a Norwegian thrash metal band that has been making waves in Norway`s metal scene since their formation in 2002.
Known for their high energy performances and intense sound,
Wyruz has gained a loyal following of fans who appreciate their unique blend of metal and thrash elements.
Wyruz was formed in 2002 by guitarist and vocalist Vegar Larsen and guitarist Kim Nybakken.
Joined soon after by bassist Per Kristian Skogly and drummer Odd Arve Nikolaisen.
Coming together with a shared passion for metal music, the band quickly established their signature sound characterized by aggressive guitar riffs, fast drums, and gritty vocals.
- The band performed at local gigs and gradually built a solid fan base in their hometown, Hamar.

In 2003, Wyruz released their first demo "Sleep When You`re Dead" which showcased their raw talent.
and musical ability. The demo received good acclaim within the metal community and gained attention from the metal scene in Oslo as a result.
-They shared the stage with renowned metal acts
such as Entombed to further solidifying their reputation.

In 2006, Wyruz released their 2nd demo “Your Angel”.
This release was more experimental contrary to
Sleep When you`re Dead.
- Their energetic live performances captivated audiences and left a lasting impression.
- Odd quit the band. A new drummer, Kenneth Skårholen joined the band and gave the band a much more brutal sound as he was from the death metal-scene.

In 2012, Wyruz released their debut album " Fire at Will".
Per-Kristian decided to leave the band due to personal reasons and this left an opening soon after filled by Atle J. Sjørengen. Atle was an old friend of the band and he filled the spot perfectly.
“Fire at Will” showed a new side to the band as it was harder and more technical from the earlier years.
-With their newfound exposure, Wyruz embarked on a tour across Europe as direct support for Blood
Red Throne on the Norwegian Invasion Tour of 2013.

Over the years, Wyruz continued to evolve their sound, incorporating diverse influences, and
experimenting with new musical elements and in 2016 they released their sophomore album entitled "Judge and Jury”.
At this point they signed a record deal with the Australian “Battlegod Productions”.
“Judge and Jury” showcased a more brutal side of the band while still maintaining their trademark aggression in thrash metal. They harvested only good reviews from this release worldwide.
- The band explored more complex song structures and incorporated intricate guitar solos.
- They have become ambassadors for the Norwegian metal scene, showcasing its diversity and talent.
- Played with bands such as Havok, 1349, Anvil, and Legion of the Damned.

In conclusion, Wyruz has carved a niche for themselves in the metal thrash genre with their aggressive sound and high-energy performances. From their humble beginnings to their later years, the band's dedication and musical evolution have solidified their status as one of
Norway's best thrash metal acts. With each album release, Wyruz continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences. The future looks promising for this talented group, and fans eagerly anticipate what they
have in store next.

In 2024 the line-up is consistent, and they will release 2 singles and 2 EP`s and a full-length album at the end of the year.
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